Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully the below before filling in application form


All activity must be covered by Public Liability Insurance. Some events may require a Risk Assessment and Method Statement. These documents will be requested when appropriate.

Any activity that takes place should bring benefit to existing businesses and the public, and cause minimal disruption. If there is disruption then you may be asked to leave the site.

The promotion will be subject to advance booking and suitability assessment. It will include commercial and other promotions and charitable or public activities. In respect of commercial promotions, consideration will also be given to ensure there is no ‘conflict of interest’ element with other city centre businesses.

Use of spaces is considered on a first come first served basis, providing the promotion meets the standard criteria.

It is an offence to leaflet in the borough of Liverpool. Leaflets may be displayed only as part of an organised event. The city centre is monitored by Liverpool City Council Street Nuisance Teams and fines will be issued. Sample goods are permitted with bookings, products that may damage the environment are not permitted (i.e.) chewing gum, stickers etc.

Litter must not be left onsite. This will be the responsibility of the consent holder. Any waste produced by the promotion must be removed from the site, transported and disposed of in accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1990. It is not permitted to hand out material such as stickers or balloons which can be misused by the general public. Leafleting is not permitted: all literature must be displayed on a stall for public interest only.

The specific area for the promotion will be determined by the Liverpool BID Company in consultation with other relevant businesses as appropriate.

The nature of the promotion should not adversely affect pedestrian flows, public safety, the general environment or the interests of surrounding businesses services or residents. Structures which are deemed too large for the site and location will not be allowed.

All promotions must comply with the requirements of the Police, other emergency services and other key consultants as appropriate and this process is managed by the Liverpool BID Company.

The direct selling of goods, services and products will not be permitted. Sites are used purely as promotional services.

Sampling of alcohol is limited to special terms and conditions. Please contact info@promoteinliverpool.com to receive further information.

Previous use does not guarantee future permission will be granted.

Liverpool BID Company reserves the right to refuse permission for any promotion that is deemed unsuitable, and reserves the right to terminate any promotion where the applicant does not conform to the original agreement and conditions.

If the consent holder is asked to move their location by a representative of the City Council, Police, Fire Service or Liverpool BID Company, they must comply immediately to the request.

The consent holder will be responsible for the reasonable cost of repair to the highway or street furniture if damage is caused by their event.

Liverpool City Council have the right to move any activity to a different site at any time. Advance notice will be given unless there are unforeseen circumstances.

Your event manager must have a copy of the confirmation letter available on the day of the event. (This will be sent to you once your booking is confirmed and a copy of your Public Liability Insurance is received). If site manager cannot produce these documents if asked for them, they can be asked to vacate the site.

There is no power facility at any of the commercial sites, all events that need to use electricity, must bring their own low noise and diesel generator with a cover under and over to protect against rain, any potential leakages and protect the floor from drips and spills.  Any generators must be covered by your Public Liability Insurance.

There is no water supply on any sites.

All promotions should comply with the relevant legislation including health and safety, environmental health and highways, and provide any necessary documentation required, including public liability insurance. It is the responsibility of the Organiser to produce a site specific risk assessment within a minimum of 7 days in advance of the promotion if requested by Liverpool BID Company.

Unbranded vehicles are not permitted on site. Registration numbers need to be submitted to Liverpool BID Company prior to the event.

Any unbranded vehicles being used as part of the event can contact Liverpool City Council Parking services who will assist in reserving parking bays. (Minimum 48 hours’ notice in advance to ensure arrangements can be made). The contact number is 0151 233 2370.  Please ask for Kelly who will make the arrangements and provide costs directly.

You are not allowed to be give away certain products to the public (chewing gum, soap products, balloons on string) but please check with us if you have any concerns.

If your booking is cancelled more than a week an advance you will not be charged. If your event is cancelled with less than a weeks’ notice you will be charged £200 + VAT.

If your invoice is not paid within the 30 day period then a reminder will be sent to you.  If the invoice is not settled within 7 days of receipt of the reminder, then it may be referred to a debt recovery agency.

T&Cs and useful information on the promotional activity day

Litter must not be left onsite under any circumstances.  When sampling waste bins are essential.

Bollards are in operation on all sites between the hours of 10am and 6pm. Please look at access maps carefully.

All vehicles must be removed before 10am unless permission has been given prior to event.

Vehicles can gain access for de-rig after 6pm.

Please note that these times can vary during the Christmas period.

All structures should comply with the emergency vehicle routes displayed on the maps given with confirmation documents.

The consent holder will ensure that the sound levels generated by the promotion are reasonable and do not cause any noise nuisance to other businesses in the vicinity. If a complaint is received, immediate action must be taken. No loud speakers shall be used for the purposes of direct advertising. It is an offence under the Control of Pollution Act 1974 to directly advertise a product or service using a loudspeaker.

It is advisable that the on-site Event Manager checks the Liverpool weather forecast for up to date weather reports prior to any structure build and this is monitored thereafter in high winds. http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/342/

Toilet facilities are available at St John’s Shopping Centre, Clayton Square Shopping Centre and Queen Square bus station.

 Payment Details

In order for your booking to be processed you need to provide a valid purchase order (PO) or be prepared to pay for the site in full at point of booking.

If you provide a PO, you shall receive the invoice within 48 hours after confirming the booking. Our payment terms are 30 days after the date of your event.

If this is likely to cause problems then please contact info@liverpoolbidcompany.com explaining your concerns.  Our Finance Manager will contact you as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE, from the beginning of July 2018, as requested by the Operating Boards and Finance Sub Group the Liverpool BID Company will be sending all debt over 60 days to Daniels Silverman to begin a debt recovery process. Our invoices now state “We work in partnership with Daniels Silverman in respect of late payments, please refer to our terms and conditions for further details

By accepting the Liverpool BID Company terms and conditions for booking a Promote in Liverpool site our organisation also confirms that we comply with the following statements:

→ The contractor warrants that it has thoroughly investigated its labour practices and those of its direct suppliers to ensure that there is no slavery or forced labour used anywhere in its organisation or used in any of its direct suppliers’ or subcontractors’ organisation.

→ The contractor further warrants that it has put in place all necessary processes, procedures, investigations and compliance systems to ensure that the warranties made above will continue to be the case at all times.

→ The Liverpool BID Company Ltd reserves the right to audit your supply chain at any time, with prior notice if it has reason to suspect that the above requirements have not been met.